Love people into freedom.
— Paul Kummer

Thankful to be called and TO be a part of A Global Movement. Love is The language, Faith is the key!

Upon graduating in Business from Florida A&M University in the December 2013, I had a vision to create a service organization, but I wasn't sure if knew what I felt called to do and what specifically I desired give? 

     Yet this amazing journey began in early 2014 and since then...

A Touch of Heart has become my heart put on display. It has grown to be a bridge for people to give and for people to receive. It’s a bridge that connects different backgrounds and different generations and different cultures with opportunities to touch the hearts of others. My greatest desire is partnering together with those that want to step out and serve those in need- physically, emotionally and spiritually. One of the greatest gifts is to shine light on the beauty in others' lives even when they may not see it for themselves. While their physical needs may be great, the needs of the heart are often greater and cry out even louder.

Why A Touch of Heart? Because it simply captures the intention of what I hope for us to do: touch the hearts and lives of others! Within a short amount of time this journey has grown into a deep desire to share opportunities and resources with those that desire to give and would even step outside of their own comfort zones to do so. The mission of ATOH travels throughout the nations searching out opportunities to love (intangibly & tangibly) and to touch the hearts of those in need across the world...

There’s light in us. And that light brings life to others. I've learned that when we bring light into darkness things are subject change! Hearts are subject to love, lives are subject to hope, people are subject to wholeness - mind, body, and spirit.

All this pours into the mission of A Touch of Heart, 501 c(3).  Let's go out and give it away!


On a love mission!

Want to join? ღ