A heart for the nations...

It’s not complicated. Just love the one in front of you.
— Heidi Baker, Iris Global Ministry


We are a multicultural generation cultivating hope and collectively serving one another locally and abroad. 


OUR Mission

We come together to empower the current generation to explore the world with a unifying mission that is rooted in service and love. We are dedicated to providing meaningful resources and avenues to serve. 


OUR vision

A Touch of Heart (ATOH) is an outreach-driven organization called to mentor, develop and equip those that hunger to serve in different capacities locally, nationally and/ or abroad.

ATOH is dedicated to providing the resources and the platforms that encourage individuals to exercise their personal skills and abilities through various service programs and mission opportunities. We truly enjoy partnering with other non-profits, organizations and ministries that align with our mission!


pillars OF PURPOSE

An atmosphere in which people love, honor, and encourage one another.

An environment that is ever growing, changing, and taking significant risk to reach others.

A commitment to excellence in spirit, lifestyle, relationships, and ministry.

A non-profit engaged in the transformation of lives, communities, cities and nations. 



This mission is especially for those that desire to see societies positively impacted with their hands, hearts and time.

  • We want to bridge the connection between the individual and the opportunities. Thankfully there is no one way to serve or to love! The vision of ATOH can be released through, but not limited to, volunteer programs, missions outreach, community events, retreats, one-on-one connections and acts of kindness!

  • We desire to grow in funding to provide partial and full sponsorships for at least three programs per year for selected volunteer programs and participants. We desire to subsidize travel costs, registration fees, volunteer expenses and housing. 

  • We are excited to coordinate outreach programs with the support of national and international partners. There is power in unity especially when partnering together to make a difference globally. Do you currently have programs that could use additional support? Is there an opportunity to partner in developing a program or event? ATOH can add value, let's connect!